The Definitive Guide to 求職信代寫

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如你已知道聯絡人的姓名,上款可以寫上「親愛的」,然後加上聯絡人的姓名,例如「親愛的張一心小姐」。如果招聘廣告中沒有列明公司聯絡人的資料,可以寫上通用稱呼,例如「執事先生/小姐」等。在中文的信件中,稱呼後加上冒號(:)。 If you are applying for your new task as well as just sending your resume close to, it truly is crucial that you understand how to put jointly an effective cover letter... https://hk.essayv.com/cover-letter%e4%bb%a3%e5%af%ab/


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